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Our traditional catalog accepts "books that matter" in a variety of genres with social and environmental value. Only a few submissions will qualify for curated services.  Curation means we pay for publishing from your royalties and we don't require prepayment.  This is equivalent to traditional publishing.

If your book does not qualify for curated services, you may pay for publishing services at a discounted rate and you will get the same services as all of our authors and have a place in our catalog under your own category. The standard marketing package described on our paid services page applies for all.


To learn about paying for publishing click here.

Curated services request

Fill this out if you think your book fits one of these categories: environmental, holistic health, social fiction, historical memoirs. If we accept your book, you will still pay for services but we will take this out of royalties at the standard rates. Curated authors that do well also get an audio book produced.

All authors receive 50% of net royalties regardless if they were curated or not.  You get a quarterly report.

All authors share 50% in the marketing efforts required to build your author platform and make your books popular. Authors must commit to several hours a week of social marketing activities. 



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