Fake News & Deep State Propaganda: The Insidious Attempt To Subvert A Duly Elected President

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--- Updated September 3, 2018 --- Newly Revised Edition ---

---- August 29, Qanon asked, "What if access to the server(s) was deliberate?" WOW!!!!!

----- Was Crooked H giving China and other countries access to her server for a PRICE??? -------

----- What about the Awans? ---

---- 3 significant "Q Anon" posts from August 2, August 3 and August 29 added at the end of this book!

Media Lies and Propaganda! We are not talking about a communist dictatorship or banana republic, we are talking about the modern day news in the U.S. The Fake News Media has joined together with current and former deep state officials to create a false narrative for the public to consume. These lies are being told to the American people on a daily basis. This is what the deep state is trained to do, but they are supposed to do it to other countries, NOT it's own country, the U.S.
Why is this happening? Why the corruption? What are they hiding? The current attempt to cover things up is a result of the leftovers from the Obama administration. Leftist leftovers! Everything these leftists touch becomes corrupt. Obama infected our government for 8 years with his 3rd world, banana republic style corruption. But who is behind this current D.C. corruption? Unelected deep state bureaucrats who thought of themselves as the real power running the goverment and foreign affairs. They have forgotten who they work for, the American people. The American people are now cleaning house and getting these bums out. This draining the swamp is getting a lot of resistance and it takes time. Obama was reported to be running a shadow government from his D.C. house with Valarie Jarrett by his side and living in Obama's house. Strange! Plus a staff of 20 people probably organizing protests and riots with money from George Soros! Obama's nonprofit, Organizing For Action (Sedition) has been busy. I wonder if their 501 (C) status was delayed for years by the IRS, probably not.

The Russia Investigation headed by Robert Mueller is the deep state performing a "soft coup" aka "silent coup" The goal is to remove President Trump from office thus overturning the 2016 election results. They have not been able to accomplish this yet. If Robert Mueller was a decent man, he would have ended this thing last year. That is what Trump's two previous attorneys thought would happen, but Mueller continues to try.
It's NOT about Russia, if it was Mueller would be investigating the DNC and the Clinton campaign paying Russia through Fusion GPS. The establishment candidate did not win.
Extreme sore losers, that's what these people are!
This disgraceful battle is being fought by the left, the deep state and the media establishment. The left's offensive is being waged through the justice system with the assistance from their allies in the media. The media's job is to deliver daily, non-stop Soviet style propaganda (lies) to the American people in order to shape public opinion. Journalists are being paid off. Sources say globalist elite billionaires are so threatened by America First policies that they have been pooling together their money to influence TV and print journalists. Journalist are illegally paying FBI agents for leaks and the FBI was paying British Christopher Steele for lies he got from Russia.

This book exposes the media/deep state team, summarizes the story and explains how Russiagate is very similar to Watergate. Both began with abuse of power, an FBI official getting mad about some petty issue and trying to retaliate. In Watergate it was FBI Associate Director Mark Felt (Deep Throat) who was passed over by Nixon for the top job of FBI Director. That was then, now this time it is Comey being terminated by Trump that got his whole mess started. Wow these top FBI people can't take rejection.

This story is being told by an independent writer and Trump supporter. The writer is not associated with any organization or campaign.