Proving the existence of God: Down-to-earth answers and your new life beyond (Inspirational Books) (Volume 1)

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All humans wonder about the existence of God because we tend to be skeptical of what we cannot see or feel for ourselves. Yet, we accept many things as fact that we cannot see, starting with what powers the device you are viewing this message on. We know the results but we cannot see what is making it work.

In the first chapter, Proving the Existence of God, the author presents proof that God does indeed exist and shows you how you can prove it to yourself.

The author's style of writing, is direct and to the point.

While aimed at all Christians, it will certainly appeal to those who are not sure what to believe.

About the author

Daniel Apperson is a Freelance Writer, Adult Sunday School Teacher, and Church Trustee, who occasionally serves as a Lay Preacher at Bridgeport Community Church. He is an Eagle Scout, attended the University of Missouri and holds a degree in Computer Engineering. He is also a member of the Michigan Christian Writer?s Guild, Faith Writers, and the Spiritual Writer?s Association. He currently lives with his wife Vicki, a Special Education Teacher, in Bridgeport, Michigan.

This book is unique and thought-provoking because it emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the literal interpretation of scripture through a historical look at the bible. It also discusses the Christian life that will make you feel better about yourself.

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Does God Exist?
Here is an author that dared to ask and dared to answer this question with scientific proofAn inspiring book that defines a common sense approach to a spiritual relationship with Christ. In doing so, it addresses many of those age-old questions and concerns we've all had regarding how our relationship with Christ fits in with our life here on earth.As a book it is unique and thought-provoking because it emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the literal interpretation of scripture through an historical look at the bible as well as making the comparison between religion and relationship.  While aimed at all Christians, whether they attend church or not, it will certainly appeal to those who are not sure what to believe, or are apprehensive about taking that first step in talking with someone about Christ because it provides an in-depth examination of the deceptions, legalism, and rhetoric within Christianity. 
The author's style of writing, is direct and to the point. While aimed at all Christians, it will certainly appeal to those who are not sure what to believe, or are apprehensive about taking that first step in talking with someone about Christ, or feel that they are not good enough to seek God. In addition, the book gives them the tools to overcome their reluctance by answering their most basic questions about the Trinity, the Church, and their own importance in the eyes of God so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not they are ready to pursue a spiritual relationship with Christ. The book also reminds us that establishing a connection with Christ, through faith, and maintaining that faith in order to strengthen that relationship is our responsibility and ours alone.

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From the publisher:

I love the idea of merging religion with Science. You should never stop asking questions. I was fascinated by people like Darwin, a theology major, that could merge the two so comfortably. When I saw this book, especially the fist chapter, I said this is something people want to know. Is there a scientific way to prove that God exists? The first chapters prove it and the rest tries to show you what you can do. He doesn't push church attendance, giving or anything else. This is up to you, but he shows you the benefits to you of what Christianity is all about... not just blind faith but a way to conduct your life for your own happiness, actually. Isn't that what most therapists are trying to accomplish? The lessons in the Bible are for everyone, atheist, agnostic or Christian. It doesn't matter because these are stories that affect all humans.

For the modern would be Christian or even the Atheist or Agnostic, this is a good book to start your quest for answers. It shows you that just because someone is religious, it doesn't mean blind faith.

There are books attempting to argue that God does not exist. However, mathematically it has been accepted that proving the absence of anything is impossible. This author will show you the overwhelming evidence to the contrary that should get you interested in further study of our world and amaze you as you make discoveries every day of this evidence. It will open your eyes.

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Reader's Comments

1. Calling people back to what is important

First of all, I want to thank you for allowing me to be one of the first to preview your book. Second, I want to apologize for the delay in my response. No excuses...just got sidetracked and I'm so sorry.

I found your book to be very helpful and feel that it has some wonderful explanations and arguments that could be well usedwhen religion is the topic. It seems to me that today's society struggles with God's existence and the references you quote in your book are perfect support.

My favorite section is on page 71, where you state "Christianity is not a religion at all. It is about a relationship with the one true God through his son, Jesus Christ." As Christians, I feel that we need to be open to all who believe - regardless of their religious affiliations. We also need to be respectful of their religious laws and their interpretations of God's laws. Since our world has strayed so far from God, it is far more important to evangelize for Christianity than for a particular religion - in my opinion. Hopefully the questions you have addressed in your book will reach far and wide, calling people back to what is important.

I wish you great success as you continue your journey. Thank you again.

God Bless,

Alison Moore

2. This book will spark discussion

This is not a book that merely offers traditional arguments or "proofs" for God's existence though some of those topics are addressed. Rather Apperson seeks out readers who are believers, but not necessarily church goers, who need some encouragement and friendly persuasion. He also offers something for seekers who have wondered if the Christian faith is personally satisfying. Apperson does find the Christian faith satisfying and stimulating. Clearly his own journey and its detours are in the background as he honestly shares his insights and offers a practical and practice-able approach to growing in faith.

That the author and publisher wish this volume to be accessible and useful to the reader is obvious in its larger print, workbook style format (hardcopy edition). This book will spark discussion and could be used in a small group or a Sunday School class. I would like to see some discussion prompting questions at the end of each chapter in a future edition.

Ron Sinclair

Pastor of Bridgeport Community Church

Bridgeport, Michigan

3. Memorable and Powerful

In "Proving the Existence of God", I believe Dan rose to the challenge with his writing skill in this accomplished and thoughtful book. The book is effective with great subject matter. "Proving the Existence of God" is also memorable and powerful. I am certain the book will become a success. In addition, the cover, with its bright colors and larger print, actually draws you to the book.

Cheyrl Stump

4. Create your own relationship with God

With it's stand-out cover, size, pictures, and spacing, this book invites a reader to take a closer look.The author's writing style is personal and very similar to having a conversation with him. It is actually better than a conversation because you can highlight the passages that speak to you and review them again at a later time.Even if you already believe in the existence of God, it is interesting reading Mr. Apperson's argument for, and evidence of, God's existence. For this reader, the good stuff began in Chapter 3. Many answers and insights are found here and continuing to the book's end. Written especially for the struggling Christian,"Proving the Existence of God" encourages the reader to create their own personal relationship with God.

Susan Schell

5. A Page Turner

This book spoke both to my soul and spirit. It definitely is a page turner. It was very insightful and very scriptural in an easily understood way. At the same time it brought comfort and inspiration to me in an insightful way when my emotions were at a low ebb during tough times. I highly recommend it. Great job Dan!

Dwight Edwards

6. A Good Beginning

I enjoyed reading "Proving the Existence of God" by Daniel Apperson.

The book is a good beginning for a believer in Jesus Christ. It would make a good outline for a Bible study group.

Some ideas are thought provoking. The author keeps subjects simple and easy to understand regardless of what religion or denomination.

If you desire a personal relationship with God, this book would help you get started, or even help strengthen the one you have already.

Debbie H.

7. Very Compelling

"Proving the Existence of God" is a compelling book that leads a person to search out the reasons that there is a God. From his own experiences, given with many personal details and examples, Mr. Apperson gives reasons for why even a doubter can positively identify that there is a God. I saw instances in his book where the commonalities of everyday life and the paths that we all must travel can point us to an existence of a loving shepherd, who was God incarnate and died for each of us over 2,000 years ago. Mr. Apperson clearly points out the differences of what modern day "religion" is all about as opposed to what a personal relationship with God is. The Apostle Paul states in Romans 1:18-20 that, "men who suppress the truth" by their wickedness, since what may be known about God is plain to the. For since the creation of the world God's power and divine nature have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse."Daniel also provides reasons beyond that for why we should be aware that God is real.

Janis Lord

Janice is a college instructor, author, winner of the Christian Writer's Award, public speaker, and follower of Christ for over 40 years.

8. Well Written

Proving The Existence of God is a book that anyone could take away something beneficial to their own lives. It is very well written from a non denomination point of view and addresses many issues that hit home with me personally. I feel in these times that religion and spirituality are very important to battle the negative that is present everyday. Mr. Apperson's writing style allows for the majority to come away from reading this book with viable information on how to include religion and God in our daily lives.Very well written and inspirational!

Thank you,

Dr. Kellie J. Treichel-Pergande

Treichel Chiropractic

9. Thought Provoking Book

So, my constructive criticism... this book is deep right from the get-go. I did think it was really neat how the book tried to "prove" there is a God. I had never heard the theory that was put forth and though I did enjoy thinking about it, after working a full day in a technically challenging environment, it was tough for me to come home and think that deeply. So, the first couple of chapters were tough for me to get through. Now what I do appreciate is a way to discuss the "how do you know" topic with other non-believers. For me, I have never required that proof. I grew up in faith and have grown deeper into faith as I have grown older.

So.. the things I really enjoyed. Religion vs. Relationship. I really enjoyed reading about your perspective on this. What I can relate some of this to is dealing with a variety of cultures around the world as I traveled for my job. I have been able to go to S. America, Europe and Asia. Though the food is different, customs are different, traditions are different, looks are different - in the end - people really aren't that different when you look deep enough. People just want to be loved and want to be happy. How you obtain happiness and love might vary but in the end, that is one thing that seems to unite us (or at least me with my fellow coworkers).

I liked how the book tackled subjects that some folks may not talk a lot about such as mega churches, money, etc. I thought the book gave rather fair and balanced commentary. I like how you state what your personal choices have been without stating that it is your way or the highway.

Overall, I thought it was a great read that stimulated my mind and allowed me an opportunity to further explore my faith.

Christine L. Head

10. Thinker's Delight

I like the critical approach taken by the author of this book. Sometimes we need to sit back and take a good look at ourselves and examine not only our relationship with God, but how we think about understanding Him as well. Why do we believe what we do? What is our attitude about salvation? Was it shaped by mankind influences or by God's Word? Why do we believe so strongly in the things that we do?

Daniel really takes the time to ask a lot of these probing questions and that's what makes this book so good. Do I agree with all of Daniel's viewpoint's? Not necessarily, but I do enjoy that the book made me think and question why I do believe like I do. Not many books out there stir the pot like this and that's what I think is the best part about this.

This is a book to be read in your quiet time where you can spend time in prayer and really study things out.

Mick McArt

Mick Art Productions

11. A Must Read

Very thoroughly and interestingly written. It was very hard to put down once I began reading it. It presents Christ and Christianity in a straight forward yet non judgmental way. I highly recommend it!

Jacqueline S. Edwards

12. Easy Read

I found Proving the Existence of God, easy to read and understand. I felt it was written openly and not opinionated with the author's thoughts as a lot of books are.

Jeanne Mulitsch

13. One of a Kind

A unique and intriguing, one of a kind approach to understanding the many questions we wrestle with about God, the church, religion, and more. Has anyone ever proved the existence of God using the Law of Cause & Effect? ?Proving the Existence of God"does along with other great eye-opening insights. The author?s perspectives are clearly stated and easy to understand.

Vicki L. Albrecht

14. Your new book is both informative and easy to read.

I think it is a good reference for Christians to help explain why they believe and for curious non-believers, as well to help with decision making

Thank you, I enjoyed your book.

Bettie Boodger

15. Down to Earth

Any Church would do well to listen to the few like Daniel Apperson who chose to remain involved in its teachings. I found his Proving God to be well thought out and very much down to earth. As the earth moves ever forward we all seem to continue to need more, or at the very least, that's what we tell ourselves. We all have become our own doubting Thomas. We all carry our own reward for forgetting who we really are and instead have replaced God with our belief that we must have all the good things in life. Forgotten is God's teachings that all earthly things measure only our weakness. "Why is it we can no more just believe?" As our Churches continue to empty one is drawn to the fact that you see very few children in Church which causes me to wonder has God begun to turn away, has we begun to question our faith in him ? I pray for the Daniel Appersons, because I truly believe that if they are ever silenced I wonder if all of Christianity soon with began to tremble and then fall?

Well done Daniel, well done.

Kim Davenport